Listen to (There’s a) Cloud Over Liverpool by The Teenage Filmstars:  HERE

The title of this image is taken from a song by the Teenage Filmstars.  A long forgotten lo-fi epic with some rather splendid whistling, a stylophone solo and a surprise reprise!  You may be tempted to stop listening as the song comes to an end but hold tight and weather the stormy reprise.  At nearly 6 minutes long this could well be the Bohemian Rhapsody of post punk DIY.  

The photograph was taken in Sheffield 28 January 2017

(There’s a) Cloud Over Liverpool

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Sheffield City Council are planning to turn the Grade II listed art deco library building into a hotel.  In The Guardian newspaper article (HERE) about the proposals actor Michael Palin has described the proposals as an embarrassment for the city of his birth and is among nearly 11,000 people to have signed a petition calling for the building to be kept as a public resource

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Below is a quote from Michael Palin written in the stairwell of the library


Sheffield Central Library