Community Spirit – Postcard Set

Community Spirit – Set of 10 postcards each in an edition of 100 – a celebration of graffiti and community.

Tagging often splits public opinion and can be seen as vandalism. Tagging on a wall represents more than the written word and expresses so much about people, belonging, society, ambition, communities and media outrage.  To celebrate and embrace tagging is to accept that we don’t live in a perfect world and that we all wish for a sense of belonging.  Graffiti can be seen as a nuisance and illegal and those who frown upon it  feel justified in doing so.  The same people very often fail to ask important questions about street legal advertising and billboards which pollute our towns and cities.  These advertisements have nothing to do with the community in which we live and are there for the sole purpose of corporate gain.  Many of the images used in advertising are offensive and aspire to a media made world that pretends to care about people.  Maybe some of the accusations leveled at street art and graffiti should also be leveled at corporate advertising?  Advertising is about taking your money.  Graffiti is about the people in your community expressing themselves without any financial gain.  One of the questions we can ask is whose voice do we want to listen to?   Graffiti is about more than we see on a wall…   The Community Spirit cards are a colourful snap shot of tagging in Sheffield taken through 2009.



    1. Hi Heather, Thanks so much for taking time to explore my blog and for your kind comments. Some of the graffiti writers have seen these cards and approve. It’s a tricky thing making postcards out of street art. I felt that using tags was OK particularly as my motivation was about the debate surrounding street art and graffiti. I wouldn’t simply publish cards with works by banksy or my favourite street artist Phlegm (see my plentiful posts and links to his site). That all feels very second hand and unethical. One of the graffiti writers was made up to spot his very first tag on one of my cards! He got to keep the card. I love seeing most everything on the streets. My other blog captures all the small stuff that I enjoy whereas Postcard Cafe is a sort of mix and match of bits and pieces from Sheffield but also elsewhere. I appreciate you stopping by. I’ll head over to take a look at your blog. Best wishes….

  1. Too true. Our landscape is dominated by images shouting for attention – advertising, street signs, neon lights etc. It often exhausts me being in these spaces. Graffiti is at times more subtle, hidden, clever – it can be a delight to spot a great piece of graffiti/street art.
    I love the titles of your postcards as well, very clever!

    1. Thanks for your comments. Many people either fail to see or are not interested in the more subtle aspects of graffiti or street art. I think these images were the seeds that gave rise to my Little Bits Of Sheffield blog. As you may have gathered it looks at all things small on the streets and wastelands of Sheffield. Hopefully in brings into focus some of the ingenious, clever, funny and beautiful bits that many people pass everyday without a second glance. I appreciate you stopping by. Best wishes, PC

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