War. What is it good for? No.1 – Blair B£air B£air

Blair B£air B£air

Some said Tony Blair was a politician with his eye on a brighter future.  Others said he was a career politician with his eye on bagging as much cash as as he can grab.  Some said he made informed decisions about Iraq.  Others said he knew exactly what was going down and decided to line his own pockets.  Some said WMD stood for weapons of mass destruction.  Others said WMD stood for we made lots of dollars.  Some said the people of Britain had a voice and they marched against a war.  Others just ignored that voice.  Is it possible to believe that Blair had anything other than his own self interest at heart with any decisions he made when he has so clearly decided to chase the £.  Some say he represents a greater evil.  Others just agree.

On Friday 29th January Tony Blair will be invited to speak at the Iraq inquiry.

Should we expect any more than the word perfect theatrical performances we have grown used to seeing?  Are we really meant to believe this inquiry is seeking the truth?  Are we really meant to believe that this inquiry will have any bearing on what has come to pass?

Will it ever bring back all the lives that have been lost?  Will it ever ask any questions that make any difference at all?

In the words of Boy Gearge “War is stupid and people are stupid and love means nothing in some strange quarters…”


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