War. What is it good for? No.8 Absolutely nothing, say it again y’all…

Thanks Gordon...

Well this is the last post!  Probably not for Tony but this is the last blog post about Tony.  The previous 7 postings were all leading to today.  The day that Tony “I will make a f**king ki££ing from all of this” Blair is asked to give evidence at the Chilcot Inquiry.  Are we really meant to believe anything a career politician says?  One that is so rehearsed and practiced in believing his own lies?
Blair came in and promised so much.  He saw that he could make personal gain from a political career and took advantage of the political climate.  Do I feel cheated? No.  I suspected he was up to no good and lets face it he was always a bit shifty.
Today he will, as I mentioned earlier, give a word perfect theatrical performance.  Not that this in itself makes any difference to the inquiry which never had any teeth in the first place.
Maybe it’s important to see the whole inquiry as a piece of theatre and Tony is just the leading man.  God knows he deserves an oscar for all his tortured performances.
If the inquiry is just a bit of political theatre then what should we make of our present and future governments?
Should we be asking who is pulling the strings?
Am I reassured that yesterday Gordon Brown was announcing that he wishes (along with a lot of others) to pledge £140 million to pay off Taliban supporters.  Yeah, right that’ll do the trick!  Well done Gordon.  If Tony advised you to do that, it was just a joke!  He was having a laugh and you fell for it.  He was looking for something to cheer him up before he steps up today to speak about how he is the very best war lord we have seen in Britain since Mrs T.
We are living in very strange times indeed and Gordon Brown should really return to his own planet because he is not of this earth!
It’s going to infuriate lots of people to hear how Tony justifies his actions.
We should remember that when he had a chat with Fern Britton he said that even if he’d known there were no weapons of mass destruction he’d have gone to war!  Nice one Tony.  Thanks for being the voice of democracy and listening to the people.  Thanks for writing to George Bush in a private letter saying that “We’ll be with you”!  Thanks for lying in the first place.  Thanks for all that talk of WMD’s.  Are we proud to hear your voice?
I could go on and on because I feel very slightly let down and I feel my voice counts for nothing.  I feel my vote counts for nothing. I feel that Tony Blair only ever had one thing in his sights.  War or no war.  Employment or unemployment.  Recession or no recession.  What Tony always wanted was money in his bank.
Lets not underestimate where he started from and that he is indeed a clever chap.  Should we believe he was ever interested in politics?  I think not.  Do we believe that he now has a massive bank balance built from his “political” career.  Tony is worth mi££ions.  Yes, a lot of people had to die along the way but Tony is comfortably well off.  That’s the main thing.  After all that was only ever his intention.
So today lets celebrate Tony’s big gig at the inquiry with all his well paid mates doing their well paid jobs who will make their well paid report.  This is indeed a great day.
Go Toneeeee……


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