More big words from Kid Acne – Fresh in Sheffield

Great mural – good advice.

Someone I spoke to when photographing this said he had seen it being painted and he said he wished he had asked “what is the plan?”

There are pictures of this as a work in progress at


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    1. Hi Dave, This is a great piece and was put up just a couple of days before I took the pics. You’ll find it on the south end of Pye Bank Road near Pitsmoor Road (just up from the junction with Mowbray Street and Nursery Street). I managed to work out the location from the pics on Kid Acne’s site but it wouldn’t be easy for everyone to do so. Prints of his word art are available from his website and also at The Electric Sheep Gallery in Newcastle It’s well worth a look, they sell some other really interesting art too. All the best, Postcard Cafe

      1. Thank you! I had a feeling it was somewhere in that area but I’m sure that I would have had a really hard time trying to pin it down. I like Kid Acne’s work a lot and have quite a few photos of his street art work, both the large text and a few of the small paste-up pieces plus a collection of the Rollin’ Stock figures that he produced a year or so ago for Kid Robot.

        All the best,


      2. I’ve just had some postcards printed up of the Tha Knows photograph that I posted on the blog on May 4th 2010. They are a numbered limited edition of 100 as are nearly all my postcards. Kid Acne liked the pic and asked if he could use it so you may see it surface elsewhere at some point. I sent him a high res version to use. I really like the presence his work has in Sheffield but I know that there are others who have very strong feelings against it. The paste up warrior women are all over the city centre. They are really well made too. I’ve seen them in London so I guess they are fighting the good fight wherever he goes!

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