Steetley Magnesite Works, Hartlepool – Official Tour Photographs 2010

This second blog posting from the 2010 tour of the Steetley Magnesite works contains a small sample of the official tour photographs.  Copies of these and others from the full catalogue will be available in August from the usual outlets.  Thanks to all those who took part and made it such an enjoyable day.

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5 thoughts on “Steetley Magnesite Works, Hartlepool – Official Tour Photographs 2010

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  1. Thank you so much for the great tour. That green water does look a bit sinister but you were right….it did cure my Athlete’s Foot! Looking forward to next month and Rugby Cement Works! All the best, Barry.

    1. Thanks Barry. It was good to meet you and your family. I always like to think the tours should be a family affair and to see you all out together was a joy. Several people have commented that they valued your insight regarding the extraction of magnesia and the technology behind the design of the settling tanks. It’s easy to see how things have moved on but equally why Steetley has it’s own significance. Your comments about the plant layout will be reflected in future tour notes. Clearly a linear throughput is available with todays technology but there are benefits to be had from the Ecclesburg design. The gift of hindsight is a wonderful thing and future guides will of course reflect all that you noted in your correspondence. I am glad that you enjoyed the tour.
      I too am looking forward to your tour of Rugby Cement Works. If it’s anything like last years then I know we are all in for a treat.
      All the best, Nigel.

  2. You weren’t kidding, it was an official tour ? !
    I love the colours in the photos, are they photo shopped for the colour, or really those colours ?? They help make industrial architecture, archeaology (almost) beautiful .
    really good pictures..all the best gareth

    1. The photos have been tweaked a bit in photoshop but the essentially the colours remain pretty much how they are in real life. The water in some of the settling tanks was that very deep green colour. I have seen other photographs where the water has shown up to be a very deep blue so maybe they have changed. The wooden slats that surrounded some of the tanks were green so maybe they have helped to colour the water now that most have fallen. I did use a polarising filter on my camera lens to cut out some of the glare from surface reflections and this helped to show the depth of colour in the water. I appreciate your comments and you are absolutely right, there is a strange beauty in these pictures which at times also look quite other-wordly. There are many hidden beautiful sights in dereliction but I always advise caution and safety as there are also many hazards to consider. It was blowing a gale when I took these pictures and at one point I was nearly blown into one of the settling tanks! That wouldn’t have made a pretty picture… The Steetley site has lots of holes to fall down as well as lots of sharp things to stand on if not approached with an awareness of the dangers. Take care out there….

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