Keeping a safe eye on things – Painting by Phlegm – Sheffield

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    1. Yes. I particularly like this one. Phlegm is very prolific. If you use the link from my blog you will see he has a time lapse video of him painting in Rotherham arts centre. It’s about 100 hours condensed into about 10mins!!!

      1. I was watching some arctic monkeys videos on Lava tv the other nite, and there were some wall pitures by kid acne I think ?
        where are most of the murials you see, are they around Kelham Island / shalesmoor area ?

      2. I think the Arctic Monkeys video was shot down the bottom of London Road. Kid Acne has his big word murals all over Sheffield including Park Hill. I’ve found some of his work in derelict buildings. A lot of his warrior women are very close to the city centre in the more industrial areas. I’ve not found a lot round Kelham area or Shalesmoor but that isn’t to say they aren’t there! A lot of street art gets painted over as soon as it goes up. Much of what Kid Acne puts up these days is legal and tends to stay up for quite a while. He is very much an international artist and his stuff can be found all over the globe. He has good blog which is worth checking out at

    1. Hi Dave, Thank you for your interest in my blog. You may have noticed that I very rarely give details of where I photograph street art or graffiti. As with your query I think these things are best seen on the street or wherever they are painted. So it is with regret that I cannot say where this piece is located. Please understand that this is not about making things exclusive, it’s about encouraging people to explore their environment. I love to see blogs where people are posting things I haven’t seen. It only makes me want to explore more. The joy of the art that I post on my blog is that it can be found and it’s all about looking at our environment with different eyes. I love what Phlegm is doing with his black and white comic strip art and I am in awe of his undertaking. I don’t think I’d be doing him any favours by publishing all the places where he paints. I have discovered these places by getting out with my camera and enjoying the thrill of finding art and graffiti by people I know and by people who I may never meet. I realise this doesn’t tell you where the piece by Phlegm is to be found but I hope you will be encouraged to seek out art in all it’s forms around every corner and behind those walls closed to the public. If there is a derelict building I wanna be in it…..! Best wishes from postcard cafe x

      1. Hi again. I totally understand! I’ve just spent a whole day tracking my way through Sheffield. Ive seen some absolute amazing pieces today, my feet are dead but I’m happy! Thanks for the push. Dave

      2. Hi Dave, It sounds like you’ve had a good day. Did you take any pics? Will we be seeing them on your blog? or website? Setting up a wordpress blog is so easy you might wonder why you didn’t do it sooner (if you haven’t already). It’s free and as easy as thinking up a good name and a password and you are away…. Use the link on my blog side menu.

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