Lilys Tea Garden – Shrewsbury – Winter 2011

Many people have had troubles with the terrible weather this winter.   It has been a testing time for lots of families and small businesses.

This week I had word from my favourite cafe in Shrewsbury to say they have been completely flooded out.  My heart goes out to them.  Lily has reassured me they have lots of people to help with the clear up and will be open again soon!  Below are a couple of photographs taken by Lily who kindly gave me permission to put them on my blog.  You can see just how deep the floods were.

When I visited last year Lily told me that as well as getting flooded the garden also used to explode with a degree of frequency!!!  (Ask Lily!).  Not only have they got a great cafe with a great garden they have great spirit and somehow manage to keep the cafe open despite all the setbacks. (I’m sure many would  have packed up and left by now).  It really is a labour of love and I wish them a speedy recovery from this latest episode.  Good luck to Lily and everyone involved in the clean up.  Best wishes from Postcard Cafe – See you soon…

Follow the link below to the review and slide show of how the garden looked in August 2010.



  1. Wow, how deep is that water?? Where on earth do you start the clear up operation? Lily and friends, you have my utmost admiration. Much love to you all and you are definitely high on my list of places to visit before I get any older! x

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