New Limited Edition Print by Victoria Butterell

Sharrow Vale Launderette featuring street artwork by Phlegm

As anyone who follows Postcard Cafe will know, two of my favourite artists are Phlegm and Victoria Butterell.  How brilliant then today that I should receive as a gift the above print. It is of Sharrow Vale Launderette featuring one of my favourite street pieces by Phlegm!  I loved the original painting and was lucky enough to see it before being sold as part of a set.  The print was given to me by Victoria just moments before I was about to buy one!  I’m still smiling…

The print is available as a very limited edition of only 24.  These are likely to sell quickly.  If interested use the links below to contact Victoria directly.

The Old Sweet Shop in Nether Edge, Sheffield may be taking stock of a few and I’ll post a new entry if they get some in. Alternatively keep an eye on The Old Sweet Shop website or contact them through the link below.  They already stock some of Victorias work so if you are in the area do just drop by…

Phlegm has seen the painting and is very happy with how Victoria has captured his work.  Below is a link to the entry that I put on Postcard Cafe featuring a photograph of the launderette.








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