Robot by Phlegm. Sheffield 2012

The work of Sheffield based artist Phlegm is best enjoyed first hand.  For those of you not in Sheffield I hope these photographs capture some of the genius in his work.

Do check out other photographs of Phlegms work on Postcard Cafe here (or type Phlegm in the search bar at the top of this page.)

As you make your exit from Postcard Cafe please do so via the scenic route and enjoy the many wonders hidden in Phlegms website by clicking here



8 thoughts on “Robot by Phlegm. Sheffield 2012

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  1. A stunning piece of Wall Art and so well captured by you. A lot to take in but by segmenting it as you have done the beauty of the whole can be appreciated so much better. Nice work documenting this.

    1. Hi Lenscaper, Thanks so much for your kind comments. I’m a big fan of Phlegms work. He is an amazing artist. I was so pleased to stumble upon this work. It is not visible from the road or any public space. I spent a long time taking it all in. The more you look the more detail is revealed. It’s about three stories high so the scale is really impressive. Do visit his website to see his work. There is a link from this post. There are some great photos on his site by Critical mass. Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes….

    1. Hi Gaz, Thanks for stopping by. I’m loving your work. I’m a big fan of Phlegms artwork. His walls are totally out of this world and his DIY printed work is sometghing else. I stumbled upon this and it’s the best way to discover one of his pieces. I’m following your blog and look forward to keeping up with your output. Best wishes….

  2. I knew I recognized this style of work, I saw this a week or so ago (though not sure if it was on this blog or an urbex forum). Phlegm seems to be quite the talented artist, and I love how much you’re able to document

    1. People are starting to notice him now. A few weeks ago he released a totally awesome print and it sold out in seconds check out his website. He draws using a dip pen and his work is incredibly detailed and it also translates well into huge wall pieces. He is indeed very talented and we are lucky to have so much of his artwork in Sheffield. He’s probably one of the most prolific artists I know. I actually stumbled upon the Robot painting and I’m sure you know it’s great when you just find something like that. It’s not visible from any roads so it would only be people out exploring that might find it. I’m sure by now there is info on the net abourt where to find it but it was great to just come across it. Cheers

    1. Hi, Thank you for taking time to drop in on Postcard Cafe. I stumbled across this Phlegm painting when I was checking out an old building as I sometimes do across the city to see what is or isn’t happening. If you have looked at any other posts of street art you will notice that regardless of artist or location I never actually state the location of the artwork. When I shot these pics the painting was quite new and as such it is important for people to discover rather than be told where it is. Some people I know worked it out from google maps! For most people a big part and the spirit of urban exploring is to be curious and to discover things for themselves and in the process stumble upon all sorts of wonderful stuff to photograph! The incidental stuff sometimes being the most interesting. People who know me and know my blog(s) know that I never give out locations but I can tell you this is in the S6 postcode – that much puts you in the right area!!! I’m sure the information is on the internet somewhere but I don’t wish to be the person that puts it out there. Phlegm rarely posts the locations of his work and it is as a mark of respect to him and his work that most people don’t simply splash stuff all over the ‘net. Best wishes and good luck with your photography. PC

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