“Prey to some wild beast” by Phlegm. Sheffield 2012

Check out other photographs of Phlegms work on Postcard Cafe here (or type Phlegm in the search bar at the top of this page.)

Some great shots of Phlegms brilliant work over on Critical Mass – Click here to view

Visit Phlegms website by clicking here

(title borrowed from Phlegm)



  1. Hi Emma, Thanks for your comment. I was lucky to see the beast painting in the sunshine and like all of Phlegms work the detail is incredible. The scale of this is impressive too. Have you clicked through to the Critical Mass pics? (link above) – They are very atmospheric and the style works well with Phlegms artwork. Phlegm is very good at making his work site specific and he always makes best use of the space he is painting and I think that’s another reason why they work so well. Thanks again for taking time to comment. Best wishes…

  2. This is really impressive, I love the utter scale of it but the fact it goes across multiple walls really adds depth. I love it, really sick shots

    1. Phlegm has been working in black and white for a few years now and he is brilliant and choosing the right piece for the right location. Photographs as you know don’t always capture the genius of the artwork that can be seen in the flesh. His work is really impressive and totally unique. I’m a big fan. If you are into dereliction and a bit of urban exploring then do check out the rather brilliant photographs by Critical Mass on his website http://www.uecriticalmass.co.uk/ and on his wordpress blog http://officialcriticalmass.wordpress.com/ Cheers PC

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