Blue Sky Thinking Vol 2 – The ones that got away!

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  1. Very strong graphically. The fantastic blue skies, the smidgen of vignetting. I particularly like the Daffs – not easy to find anything new to say about Daffs – but you have succeeded. Well done!

    1. Hi, Thanks for your comments. The blue sky thinking pics are not my regular subjects. I was out on the first day of spring and the vivid blue sky was calling so I thought I’d roll with it. Sometimes it’s good to experiment with an idea and the shots came out OK. They are indeed very graphic photographs and I presented them as a set of snap shots because it reflected the spirit in which they were taken. The idea of set of images related only by blue sky appealed to me. An hour or so after these shots were taken the blue sky lost it’s brilliance so it was good to shoot in the moment.

    1. You are right. It was amazing light and at the time of the photographs the sky was a fantastic blue. It was a beautiful day. It was officially the first day of spring so I had to include some daffodils! Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes PC

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