Home Is Where The Heart Is. Faunagraphic and Rocket01. Sheffield 2012

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For the real deal click here for Faunagraphic and here for Rocket01


6 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart Is. Faunagraphic and Rocket01. Sheffield 2012

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  1. Someone knows how to draw a heart, that’s for sure! How do these people come up with ideas like this? Fascinating slide show. Wonderful art. Thanks for bringing this to a wider audience – it certainly dserves the exposure

    1. Thanks for stopping by to comment. I think you have a medical background so you are probably well placed to comment about the accuracy of the heart! Rocket worked from an anatomical photograph of a heart and translated it into his shades of green! I am a big fan of Rocket01 and Faunagraphic and we are very lucky to have them and their artwork in Sheffield. It was great to witness this piece materialising as they weaved their magic. They both made the whole thing look effortless, which is testament to the skills and experience they have. One of the birds is painted on the very flat rendered part of the wall while the other is on more uneven brickwork. It’s easy to see such a brilliant piece of artwork and forget the challenges that an old crumbling wall can present for the artists. The whole painting was prepared and completed in one day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by to comment. I think pieces of street art are gifts to the city in which they are painted. I feel very lucky when I stumble upon a newly completed piece but rarely see them being painted. I have met the artists who painted this a few times previously and they were happy for me to take photographs of them working. Respectfully I have shot them to protect their anonymity. I have more images of work by Rocket01 and Faunagraphic on Postcard Cafe – just put their names into the search bar. A couple of my favourites are here: https://postcardcafe.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/rocket01-in-sheffield-city-centre-2011/

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