Will Sheffield City Council prevent the government from dismantling the NHS?

Today in the pouring rain this gentleman asked if Sheffield City Council will take action to prevent the government from dismantling the NHS.  They have legal grounds to hold our government to account.  For more information click here to read the original article by Dr Eoin Clarke.

Below is the full judgement of the Information Tribunal into the Lansley’s appeal of the Information Commissioner’s November order to publish the NHS Risk Register after Labour MP & former Shadow Health Secretary John Healey’s initial requests to do so back in June 2011.  In this case the court unanimously decided that the NHS Bill was contrary to the Tory manifesto, unexpected, rushed, far reaching, pre-judged and without proper consultation. In effect, the judgement implies that the Tories cynically hid their plans to carve up the NHS prior to the 2010 election. You and I knew that of course, but to read it in black & white from a court judgement is truly unprecedented. This document below is a devastating indictment of the Tory handling of our democratic process. The judges unanimously ruled the Tory government should release the full contents of the NHS Risk Register.

Paragraph 85 reads:

“From the evidence it is clear that the NHS reforms were introduced in an exceptional way. There was no indication prior to the White Paper that such wide-ranging reforms were being considered. The White Paper was published without prior consultation. It was published within a very short period after the Coalition Government came into power. It was unexpected. Consultation took place afterwards over what appears to us a very short period considering the extent of the proposed reforms. The consultation hardly changed policy but dealt largely with implementation. Even more significantly the Government decided to press ahead with some of the policies even before laying a Bill before Parliament. Thewhole process had to be paused because of the general alarm at what was happening”
Click the link below to read the full Judgement:

Healy Judgement

Click HERE to see video about the protest on Economic Survivor

Some of the above text has been borrowed from an original article by Dr Eoin Clarke on his blog The Green Benches at:   http://eoin-clarke.blogspot.co.uk/


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