Bill Drummond Sheffield 21.4.2012

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Penkiln Burn

The 17


2 thoughts on “Bill Drummond Sheffield 21.4.2012

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    1. Hi Carlos, Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.
      Yes you are absolutely right – shot from the hip! Unfortunately the original came out largely in silhouette! I shot in raw so was able to recover the image I’ve posted. Considering what I started with I am happy that I managed to salvage the photograph. I took a photograph of Bill last year similarly shot from the hip and caught another moment that otherwise may have been missed
      The 2012 shot was taken using my little Canon S95 (a great pocket camera). We were out on a walk and talk with Bill and my DSLR was in my bag. I wanted to enjoy the walk and listen to what he had to say and not spend my time just taking photographs of him! Sometimes shooting from the hip just captures the moment in a way that a more considered approach might not….
      I’ll check out your blog. Best wishes, PC

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