Things Change by Jo Peel. London 2012

This video by Jo Peel is so good it just had to be shared…

Things Change is an optimistic look at the idea of human impermanence. The buildings and debris created by the human exploitation of our natural environment decay and give way to the force of nature once again.

Jo Peel is a member of internationally acclaimed Scrawl Collective. Jo spends her time documenting in great detail her fascination with everyday scenes and scenarios. From abandoned east London construction sites to the streets of any place she might find herself, all are captured in her well observed and uniquely executed style.

Jo Peel official website click here

More Jo Peel on Postcard Cafe here

9 thoughts on “Things Change by Jo Peel. London 2012

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  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this. A stunning piece of wall art, brilliantly executed and the Video takes it to an entirely new level. I’ve tweeted this for the benefit of others.

    1. You are quite right – stunning sums it up really. I discovered her Trellick Tower paste-up in London a couple of years ago before I knew anything about her.
      I set about finding who had done it and discovered her work through her website. I love what Jo does normally but this video completely blew me away. I’m sure that on so many levels this was technically incredibly difficult to do. It’s a great video and a wonderful piece of street art.

    1. Yes it is a fantastic piece of work and it makes my brain hurt just thinking about how it was achieved. My understanding is that it was three weeks rather than days!!! She is an absolute star. If you are interested I think The Old Sweet Shop in Netheredge still have a few of her limited edition screenprints!!!

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