Health & Safety or Intrusive & Unnecessary…?



  1. I can see one of those shed inventors tinkering away looking for the solution to tottery headstones, welding a few old pipes & bits of metal together and… by jeez I’ve got it!

    1. Yes the clamps appear to be made from scaffold pipe. The gravestones have all been tested by some sort of gadget and if they are likely to topple with a certain pressure applied then they get clamped! The gravestone in the second and fourh photograph is dwarfed by the metalwork and is about 18 inches high!!!! The only thing likely to be hurt if it fell might be a passing spider! Makes you wonder how we managed for over two thousand years without the clamps???

  2. This is an appalling sight! I can hardly believe it. The first one looks like the result of vandalism and perhaps something needs to be done (but not that). The others are just an insult. These good officers certainly have their work cut out for them, for many years to come and over several continents.
    I have taken lots of pics of graveyards. There is such beauty in the haphazard. Imagine the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots here!

    1. Thanks for your comments. We managed for centuries without metal clamps and it is hard to understand what the sudden need for such nonsense is? After a stone is clamped a notice is placed on each stating it is the responsibility of the owner to remedy the problem. The only problem is not that of vandalism but one decided on by a gadget that calculates if the stone may topple at some point in the future when a certain pressure is applied to it! There were probably hundreds of these clamps set up around the graveyard. The stone in the second photograph is 18 inches high and dwarfed by the metalwork!!! It is a mad sad bureaucratic policy that has been adhered to regardless of the size of the stone or actual risk.

  3. What is this world coming to??

    I think this is one of the most stupid things I have seen in a long time?

    Let nature take its cause, if the fall they fall

    1. Hi Rastaphotographer, thanks for taking time out to comment. Yes you are right it’s incredibly stupid and completely unnecessary. I cannot imagine how much money it has cost to assess and install hundreds of clamps but I can think of far better ways to spend money that would actually benefit the community. I liked your comment about waking the dead! Best wishes….. PC

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I think if I was visiting one of the graves to pay my respects I’d be upset. You are right. A spot of yarnbombing would certainly improve things. I tried knitting once but couldn’t get the tension right!!!

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