Work in Progress. Phlegm. Sheffield June 2012

See more Phlegm on his official website here

See more Phlegm on Postcard Cafe here



  1. yes i work just up the road from this and had noticed some new developments. i had thought of you actually; snapping away while would be working on the other side of the railway bridge!-)

    1. Hi Ange, as is often said, Sheffield can feel like a small village at times. That area is a bit of a mystery to me and I’ve never worked around there. I have explored it a lot with my camera and I love the old industrial parts of Sheffield. I spent an afternoon with Phlegm on the day I took these shots. The whole piece is a collaboration with four graffiti writers and Phlegms work holding it all together. Since then he has painted some wonderful stuff on the coast and in Ireland. The robot fish in Ireland is incredible and really made me smile. If you’ve not seen it then take a look using the link above. He is such an incredible talent and his work has real heart. Sheffield would be a poorer place without his work on our streets. I really enjoy stumbling across new street art and Phlegms work has always impressed me. It may be a while before we see anything new in Sheffield because he has plans to paint elsewhere… Thanks for stopping by. (Hope the weather picks up for N/Edge farmers market tomorrow!)

      1. I will be dropping into the the F/M, usually it brings good weather, but it is not gauranteed! I will check out the link:)

  2. I thought the market might be an event that you take in. I try to make it to N/Edge and S/Vale. My friend regularly has a stall which I’m sure you’ll have seen. Her blog is at: If you haven’t seen her work at the market then do check it out. I am of course biased but her paintings are great and all local subjects… Cheers, PC

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