Hunter Gatherers by Phlegm. Sheffield 2012






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      1. I looked on Phlegm’s website and it seems that he has a few images with fish in them.
        I just had some fish for lunch myself, I wonder if it was a piece of the one you posted on your blog? 😉

  1. These are clever in their setting. There is something slightly sneaky about these fellows but I could like them. The two in boats at the high tide mark! Is that your photograph of the weed in the river? what a beauty!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Phlegm is a local artist who paints his characters and gadgets in the UK and around the globe. We have our fair share of his work in Sheffield and many like these are hidden from view. I like to explore hidden parts of the city it is a real joy to find his work. His work is thought by many to be some of the best street art in the world (whatever that actually means?). All I know is that I love what he does. There are many people who visit Sheffield actively seeking out his hidden works. They look so much better in the flesh. I’m pleased that you might get to like his characters and do check out his website through the link at the bottom of this blog post. Yes the river weed is one of my photographs and is of the River Don which flows through the heart of Sheffield. It was once very polluted because of all the heavy industry. It has had a lot of work done and industry has far more stringent controls so the river has recovered and once again alive with fish and healthy oxygenating plants. All the photographs on Postcard Cafe are taken by me unless otherwise stated but it is rare that I feature other peoples images. Thanks for your interest and encouraging comments. Best wishes, PC

      1. Thanks, PC. Good news about the River Don. It is a long way back for our waterways sometimes! Phlegm’s characters remind me of Spy vs Spy but I can’t remember their origin. They skulked around like that but you had to like the humour in it. I enjoy your photographs! Philippa

  2. Love the street art images, and your’s of the river weed is fantastic. If I was ever in Sheffield, I’d have searching for hidden Phlegm artwork on the top of my to do list. Given that happening is unlikely, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Phlegm is just one of the many jewels in Sheffields counter-culture crown. There are people who like to search his work using info on google earth and forums etc. I prefer not to use those tools and discover things while I’m out exploring with my camera. These pics were taken after I had shot some photographs of a factory for a friend. While in the area I took time to head off the the beaten track and discovered these wonderful paintings. I knew about them because Phlegm has published pics on his website but he does not identify locations. It is a real joy to stumble across his work and he brings a lot of happiness into many peoples lives. It is not possible to subscribe to his website but do keep an eye on it. He has just published images of his work in New York and he has painted some stunning pieces there… Best wishes, PC

  3. Great photos. I pass some of these on my running route (the Five Weirs Walk) and they’re always great to see a’s I’m hitting the wall! I’ve not seen the whale on a spear yet though – whereabouts is this one? Further up past Meadowhall? Need to get out exploring again…

    1. Hi Jon, Thanks for your comments. Phlegms work makes me very happy too (even when I’m not hitting the “wall”!). I like to encourage people to explore and for me part of the joy of hidden artworks is finding them without knowing they are there. I stumbled upon these like many other images of street art on my blog. I don’t research on the internet to find out where things are and I don’t think they are painted with the intention of them becoming “destination” pieces of artwork – though I may be wrong. These are not visible from any road or pathway. You may have gathered from my reply that I am not in the habit of giving out locations for street art. It is quite deliberate that I never disclose locations. In just the same way Phlegm usually only ever identifies the city or town in which he has painted. However I sense you are a bit of an explorer so if you really want to know and you are not simply going to put it on twitter (which I really don’t like!) then I can drop you an email (your address comes up on my comments page) – Let me know. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with the running… Best wishes, PC

  4. Funny…was just out driving and listening to the Nirvana tune “Something In the Way” right before checking out your post. These pictures (and Phlegm’s work) were a perfect segueway, especially with the line “Underneath the bridge…”

    Thanks for photographing and sharing.

  5. These are great! I think it’s really important to give these amazing artists a more public forum for their work. Let them be seen!

    1. Hi Gionni, Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. These are pretty much hidden from view except for the big fish tale. Phlegm is a wonderful artist and I would strongly recommend stopping off at his website through the link above. He has just painted an amazing mural in Ibiza! Best wishes, PC

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