Kingfisher by Faunagraphic. Sheffield July 2012


Check out the official Faunagraphic website here


13 thoughts on “Kingfisher by Faunagraphic. Sheffield July 2012

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    1. We are so lucky to have such a bunch of talented artists in Sheffield. Faunas work is simply beautiful. Do take time to visit her website (Link under the pics). She has some wonderful work on there.

  1. This is beautiful. I love her blue tit in Manchester, which I have featured a couple of times on my own blog. I haven’t been to Sheffield for a while but will have to get back soon to see this one.

    1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by to investigate my blog. Your comment is appreciated. The Kingfisher was painted over some time ago. I guess thats the nature of much street art.
      Faunas latest huge mural in Sheffield was the portrait of Harry Brearley who invented stainless steel. She was invited to to it to mark 100 years of stainless steel. She is such a talented artist and to paint a portrait so big cannot be an easy task. The following link takes you to my photo of the mural but also a great time-lapse video of it being painted:
      Fauna liked my photo of Harry and asked if she can use it on her website. I agreed but I’m not sure if she has put it up yet. I’m sure she has a very busy world.
      Best wishes 🙂

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