Believe You Me 2009 – 2012

Sadly the owners of this listed building on Sidney Street have been advised by Sheffield City Council that they must clean the artwork from its walls.  These images are the last we will see of this mural painted by Kid Acne (image below was taken shortly after it was painted in 2009)

Going, going, gone… Home Is Where The Heart Is (Below) painted in April 2012 by Rocket01 and Faunagraphic is also due to be erased…

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Visit Kid Acne here

Visit Rocket01 here

Visit Faunagraphic here



  1. I think that building looks much better with the artwork, the building on it’s own looks lonely and unloved

    1. I love all the artwork on Sidney Street. If you visited that area of the city centre 5 or 6 years ago it was dark and gloomy. Over the last few years many artists and graffiti writers have contributed to making the area feel brighter and more loved. Before it was mainly derelict buildings falling into a state of disrepair. Removing the artwork is part of a bigger regeneration but I’m not sure how or why the decision was made to start taking it down. Sometimes street art gets painted over by other artists and that is generally accepted as part of the life of any street art. I’m not sure the building will look any better for the removal. The Rocket and Fauna piece only went up a few months ago and many people have enjoyed its presence on Sidney Street. Thanks for taking time to comment. Best wishes, PC

    1. I’m fond of so much of the artwork on Sidney Street and much of it is associated with brightening up what was a neglected part of the city centre. All things must change but if things are getting a bit tatty I’d prefer to see new artwork going up rather than simply removing it. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, PC

  2. The Council is showing a sad, but predictable, reaction to street art. Work like this brightens up a drab building – what a pity the council does not include any enlightened individuals

    1. Yes I think you are right it is somewhat predictable and the motivation behind such decisions is somewhat confusing. Sheffield City Council originally gave permission to Kid Acne who painted lots of these big word art murals in many locations! The city council spend a lot of time and money removing graffiti and street art and yet there is only one legal site where people can paint. Perhaps they could do something constructive in response to what they perceive as a problem and open a few more sites for legal painting. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, PC

  3. It is ephemera after all, but steam cleaning is a bit extreme. A wonder the mortar didn’t fall out of the brickwork. It seems a shame for ‘Home is where the heart is’ to go as it is so recent. TOO ephemeral for such a work. Be interesting to hear from Faunagraphic. Ah, progress!

    1. Hi Picture Bandit, Thanks for taking time to comment. If the artwork is inoffensive then it’s always sad when its taken down. Perhaps the council could open more legal sites for street artists. Best wishes, PC

    1. Yes its all very political and bureaucratic. I had a look at the Waratah photograph. What a shame they have painted it out. It had great character and weathering. How can a black wall be seen to be better? Its a crazy topsy turvy world. Best wishes, PC

    1. Hi, I am flattered that you enjoy my blog enough to nominate it for an award. I shy away a little from the wordpress awards but it’s great to know people like my work. I’ll drop you an email from Postcard Cafe so check your spam. Thanks for the support. Best wishes, PC

  4. I stopped by last night and it doesn’t look like they’ve destroyed any more since Monday. I’ve been tweeting council but no reply. Tried local tv n radio .. And added web link to your page. It would be good to have a collective voice.

    We ran an instagram photowalk there a few weeks back and got triple normal attendance … And just so much positive feedback on pics from Sheffield and much further afield. I’ve had mums mailing me to ask where it is so they can take their kids out exploring and getting them interested in art…. What more can I say?

    1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. My understanding is that the clean up is part of regenerating the area. As with so many things like this the reasons behind the thinking of the council remain a mystery. As you say it is the view of many that over the last few years the area around Sidney Street has in fact been regenerated by street art and is a brighter place because of it. Taking the colour from our streets does feel like a retro step. It would be interesting to hear what plans there are for the area. There are other residential areas of the city that could do with a proper clean up but I guess if they don’t feature in a “regeneration” programme they are not a priority. How the councils make decisions to invest in business areas before residential areas will no doubt remain a mystery. Whatever the reasons for the councils decisions it does seem a shame that removal of artwork appears to be their first priority. I think most people would agree that the recent giant portraits of Darwin and David Attenborough by Rocket01 have done nothing other than brighten the streets where they have been painted. Other cities have embraced street art and maybe Sheffield could consider a more enlightened approach. Time will tell….

  5. What a shame. I agree the building looks better with the message on it. Too bad the city council doesn’t recognize art when it is in front of them. I have done a number of post on graffiti art and in some cases my city promotes and commission artist to display their art and murals on public buildings. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and for taking time to comment. The message that Sheffield City Council is giving out is a mixed one. My understanding is that they originally gave permission for the word art and are now seeking to to have it removed. Perhaps the workings in the inner circles of the council will always remain a mystery… Best wishes, PC

  6. I read about this on Twitter. It is such a shame and I echo all the other comments. Faunagraphics work is so beautiful.

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