David Attenborough by Rocket01 Sheffield 2012

Click the thumbnail images to see work in progress and the wall as it was before.

Charles Darwin by Rocket01 HERE

Visit Rocket01 HERE

More Rocket01 on Postcard Cafe HERE




    1. Hi Lynn, It’s always good when a photographer makes positive comments about my work. Thanks for your encouraging words. Rocket01 has used my shot of his Darwin mural on the front page of his website and on his facebook and flickr pages. He has also used the David Attenborough shot on his facebook page. I’m flattered that he should use my photographs. Interestingly a local magazine has used one of my Darwin shots but did not seek permission or even credit me as the photographer…. Hmmmm I need to think about that! Best wishes, PC

  1. Great job documenting this mural…I especially like your lead image with its converging lines. I really hope that local magazine gives you credit for your Darwin pic–stay on ’em!

  2. Hello,my name is Dan,a day to day Visitor on your Blog site.I simply love your WORK!!!!Please would it be possible if I can share the information for my event in Sheffield on your blog site??..I look forward to hearing from you.Thanks

    1. Hi Dan, Thanks for the positive comments. It is rare that I advertise events on my blog but I do occasionally if it is something I feel works with my blog or if friends organise something. By all means drop me a line using the contacts page and I’ll have a look. Send some links so I can see what it is you will be doing. If I decline then please don’t take it personally – as I say it is rare that I advertise anything. Good luck with your event.

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