Back to Black! Phlegm

Leadmill Road Sheffield – April 2010
Leadmill Road Sheffield – April 2010
Back to black! – Leadmill Road Sheffield – August 2012

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    1. Thanks for your comment. It does seem a shame. The bar has been shut for years and the only redeeming thing about the boarded up building was this artwork. It is about 5 minutes from the railway station and was enjoyed by many visiting the city. I think it was a friendly piece of artwork and children loved it. It seems strange that the piece survived for over two years and taking it from the landscape has actually made that area feel more gloomy! I’ve no idea why this has been painted out.

  1. Crazy. I really like this artists style, do you know who it is? I’ve see his stuff feature alot in your blog.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. The artist is Phlegm and there are links on this post that will take you to his site. Phlegm lives in Sheffield and we are very lucky to have many of his paintings on walls around the city. He is well known here. People who know him respect his privacy and anonymity. A lot of property owners value his work so it is odd that this painting has been destroyed. Phlegm is acknowledged globally for his art. He is incredibly prolific and this year has worked in New York, London, Ireland, Ibiza and other locations outside of Sheffield. It does seem sad that this piece has been painted over. We know street art has a limited life but it would be interesting to know why after several years someone decided to remove it?

  2. It was a real shock to see the third image and then understand the title! sorry to see it gone. Part of the story of ephemeral art. Your records will be priceless one day PC. Keep up the good work while they are there!

  3. Nooo… if you see Phlegm, suggest a visit to certain areas of street art friendly Sydney 🙂 It may be if the bar has been shut for a while, the building is about to hit the real estate market… possibly a banker/real estate agent thought it might detract $$$-wise 😦

    1. You are probably right. these things usually relate to money. When I see Phlegm I’ll extend your invite to Sydney. I know he’s painting in lots of places this year but not sure if Australia is on the cards or not! Time will tell… Best wishes, PC

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