Heart of The City – Sheffield 2012

“Home is where the heart is”  –  Anon

“A loving heart is the truest wisdom”  –  Charles Dickens

“Life will not break your heart.  It’ll crush it”  –  Henry Rollins

Artwork by Rocket01 and Faunagraphic

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13 thoughts on “Heart of The City – Sheffield 2012

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  1. My first thought at a comment is unprintable… bloody hell. Glad you captured the first image. BTW, I missed some great street art the other week because my phone battery went flat. Made mental note to return. Drove past a couple of days ago, and they’ve flattened the building. Damn. Hope someone else got it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is sad when street art disappears but part of me knows that by it’s very nature street art is temporary. I was with Rocket01 and Faunagraphic while they painted this one back in April. It was great to see it go up and it really did feel like they gave the city a heart! My golden rule is to always have a camera with me so I don’t miss a shot. Even if it’s just my small compact camera I’d rather have something than nothing. I think we have all been caught out with a flat battery at some point and it is indeed very annoying – particularly as with your experience!!! I just happened to be passing in my car when I saw the man jet washing the last remains of this painting so there was an element of luck in getting the shot. Best wishes, PC

  2. Such a shame on good art though.

    Would it kill the rulers to let it be?

    In Stockholm some ministers made a law that all graffiti would be taken down within 24 hours. Strangely enough the same politicians already had started new firms for “cleaning” walls.


    1. Hi Rasta Photo, I saw you had visited my site and just dropped you a comment on your blog only to find you had then left me comment! Yes it’s a shame about the art and I think you have a healthy measure of cynacism. Politics is more about corporate interest than people these days. Hope to see more photographs from you soon… Best wishes, PC

    1. Hi Angelina, Thanks for stopping by. The back story is that the council ordered the owner of the building to clean off artwork by Kid Acne and this piece by Rocket01 and Faunagraphic. If he failed to comply with their orders then he would be fined. I think he was left with little choice. My feeling is that the council are responsible for the artwork being erased. The Kid Acne piece was up for over 3 years until the council made this decision. I actually spoke to the man who was doing the cleaning and he was a nice chap. He is not the owner of the building but was contracted by the owner of what is a listed building. So he is like the rest of us and just trying to earn a living. Thanks for taking an interest and for your comment. Best wishes, PC

      1. Hi PC,

        Thanks for your response. I made me realize that my comment could be explained in two ways. What I meant is that it can’t have been easy for the man on the ladder. You could say that my heart went out to him.

        Also, it sounds like you need a different city council. May I suggest the LibDems as a better option?

        Have a nice day,


      2. Ah ha.. Thanks for getting back to me. It’s funny how things can come off the page in different ways. I think I was worried that the man might attract negative attention and because of that I was perhaps a bit defensive. Originally I was going to include a photo that showed his van with company details but thought better of it in case anyone decided to be nasty. Clearly your comment was not of this nature and I have now read it as you intended. As for local governments I’m not sure that any of the big three political parties are better than the other. Nick Clegg won massive votes in Sheffield from the student population and then screwed them over. He has also made some rather bewildering comments about the paralympics while capitalising politically!! I’m not a fan of any of them. All three parties have done nothing to help people feel anything but cynical. I’ll leave it there before I get going on one… Have a good weekend. Best wishes PC

    1. I passed this building in its new cleaned up state and pondered the same question. I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before someone new takes it upon themselves to provide us with something new to look at instead of blank walls. Time will tell….

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