Just a sittin’ and a huggin’ Sheffield 2012

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11 thoughts on “Just a sittin’ and a huggin’ Sheffield 2012

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  1. These characters from Phlegm are really likeable. They seem to be wearing armour against the world but going along quite happily. I also like their interdependence. It looks as though Phlegm will be releasing a book this year!

    1. Hi P, Yes I really like this painting and shot it to show the figures beneath the shade of the trees, to try and capture the atmosphere and peace of the painting. Phlegm will be releasing a book and I think it will be like all his recent work and made by hand. He paints walls but his prints and comics that he makes and prints all by hand are absolutely stunning! (I say that as someone who has experience of screenprinting.) It’ll be worth keeping an eye out for… Best wishes, PC.

    1. I love this painting. Like much of Phlegms work in Sheffield it is completely hidden away so you can imagine how it might feel to find something as wonderful as this. I hope I’ve captured something of the atmosphere of the piece. Photographs are great to share Phlegms work but they are even better when experienced for real. To get a real sense of place and location with the sounds and smells and to see the amazing quality of his work. I think it’s probably clear from my blog that I have a lot of time for Phlegms work… Best wishes, PC

    1. Hi Toad, Thanks for dropping by. I’m pleased that you like this one. Have ypou checked out the other photos of Phlegms work on my blog? I’d also recommend following the link to his own website where you can fully enjoy the world of Phlegm. Best wishes, PC

  2. wow! i really like all your photography! Im so inspired. im doing photography at school, and i’ve chosen the theme forgotten places. I try and find places like this in sheffield and doncaster, but i just have no luck. 😦

    1. Hi Alex, Thank you for your kind comments. I’m pleased some of my photographs inspire you. There are plenty of places in Sheffield where Phlegms work along with Kid Acne, Malarky, Color and other artists featured on my blog are easily accessible without having to go into derelict buildings. Have you looked on the back streets between The Moor and Charter Row or along Sidney Street or the back streets near Moor Street sub station. There is a huge Phlegm painting on the back of Rare and Racey on Devonshire Green that is largely forgotten. If you head into back streets or derelict buildings then keep safe and always go with someone. Be aware that some of these derelict places can be very dangerous and sometimes used by drug users so there may be needles and other hazards. I always carry a camera with me at all times. If you see something of interest then take some shots because going back the next day or next week may be too late. Things change very quickly and artwork is removed or painted over. Phlegm has painted a huge piece in Doncaster recently and it features on his blog. Thanks for taking time to comment. Best wishes and good luck with your project.PC

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