It’s a sign….!!!



    1. I have no idea but it’s on a church billboard so perhaps its from a religious text of some description. I’ve pondered over it. At first I liked it and now I’m not so sure! I might have preferred it more had it said “we” and “our”. It may have given the words a more collective feel rather than one which may be interpreted as an every wo/man for themselves type quote. I also got a bit caught up in the idea of choices and how some peoples choices are more limited than others which is what let me to preferring something that has a more collective inclusive feel. No doubt I’ll ponder some more…. Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes, N.

  1. I like signs like this, that someone feels so moved to display their thoughts/beliefs so prominently… I have great (old) collection of “word” graffti from the 80’s when it was common to find pithy sayings everywhere. I think there were even a couple of word graffiti books. I would add to this sign “and your yesterdays”…

  2. All I could say was “Yep” and then I looked at the wrinkly paper and thought – they chose the wrong glue and look what happened! I enjoy reading church billboards as they are usually witty or cleverly worded reminders about what matters, but they need to be produced well to work. With this one I felt the need to have the last laugh, somehow…

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