Isolated Together by Phlegm. Sheffield 2012

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11 thoughts on “Isolated Together by Phlegm. Sheffield 2012

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    1. Thanks for your comments. I love this painting and had seen it on Phlegms blog earlier in the year. The detail is fantstic and I have such respect not only for his artistry but also his skills in using spray paint in the way that he does with his distinctive style. Like many of his paintings it is tucked away completely hidden from public view in a derelict building. I spent a long time with the painting and enjoyed finding it and liked where it was painted. Photographs can never fully capture the atmosphere of a place and I enjoy the sounds, smells and wildlife that fill these places. Phlegm manages to find fantastic locations for his paintings and seeing them for real is always a real pleasure. He is a great source of inspiration for me. Do keep an eye on his blog for his latest works. Best wishes, N.

    1. Many of Phlegms earlier works in derelict buildings around Sheffield have either disappeared or been demolished. One on a wooden panel was actually stolen by someone cutting it out with a chainsaw (I placed a ‘Stolen’ sign where the artwork could once be seen: ). I’m a big fan of his work from his huge wall murals around the world to his incredibly detailed fine copper plate engravings where he works using a magnifying glass and even tweaks them before printing using a microscope! Do check out his instagram page (link below) where there is also a link to his shop where during the lockdown he uploaded lots of his work which can be downloaded for free!
      Years ago he would leave small pieces of artwork near his wall painting for people to find and to take home. His work seems to be universally loved by people of all ages.
      Before he became well known as an international artist people would travel to Sheffield just to see his art which was often in old boarded up buildings or in remote places. It was a joy to stumble upon a new piece when out exploring. Isolated together in these photographs was one of my favourites and because it was difficult to find I spent quite some time there with no one else around. It was nice to have time to contemplate the artwork as well as photograph it.
      Best wishes
      Mr C 🙂

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