coLor. Sheffield 2012

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5 thoughts on “coLor. Sheffield 2012

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I was happy with how the second shot came out after a little bit of processing. The painting really made me smile when I found it. I have a lot of shots that included more of the tank but thought less information made more interesting photographs. Best wishes, N.

  1. I have made the second image my work PC screen background, one because they are fantastic images – you come up with the best stuff :), and two, as a silent commentary on my feelings about my work-life-style 😉

    1. Hi D, Thanks for your comment. I’m pleased you like the photograph enough to put it up on your computer! It’s a great painting and I intend to post more work by coLor. He is incredibly prolific and many of his pieces offer something to smile at. Best wishes, N.

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