Peace / Love / Postcards

1. Postcard Cafe Envelopes2. Peace and Love Postcards4. B and W Postcard Set3. Fall In Love Postcard Set6.  Six Colour Postcards5. Four Postcards8. Envelopes



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    1. Thank you. Over the last 5 years I have made over 100 postcards. I like that the internet allows me to share my photography and discover others like yourself. I’m also sad that many of us now live in a virtual world. Making postcards is a way of bringing things back into the real world. I think most people appreciate getting postcards through their letter box. Real post is so much nicer than an email or a text. I do sometimes refer to my postcards as old school texts! I would like to make a whole lot more postcards and prints but at the moment their are reasons why this isn’t really possible. I think something is better than nothing at all! Best wishes, N.

  1. Great postcards, and clever way to share them with us. I like ‘fall in love, not in line” 🙂 Above & behind my computer screen as I read this is your GROW postcard and the greenhouses. I will change them over soon to a couple of the others. I also have put creating postcards on my to do list… one day 🙂

    1. Hi, Thanks for your kind comments.
      I like the GROW postcard.
      Since taking the pic for the GROW card I found another “GROW” carved into a wall just below Rolf Harris’s didgeridoo! Here: The painting of Rolf was done by the great man himself 20 years ago at FON studios. Surprisingly FON stood for F*** Off Nazis! Sadly as a recording studio it is no longer functioning. Many local and also international names recorded at FON including David Bowie and of course Rolf.
      The “Fall in Love, Not In Line” postcard was an image taken as part of my Word Up Series which featured graffiti all done by one person in one part of Sheffield. It included a favourite piece of graffiti for me that read “Due to the economic cutbacks the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off!” I also really liked the fall in love piece (which was Word Up No.14!). I also really liked Word Up No.11! It was not the sort of graffiti usually seen in derelict buildings that I explore. More of them here:
      Thanks again for your comments, best wishes, N 😉

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