Guard Dog. coLor Sheffield 2012

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  1. Thank you for your kind comment. I was pleased with the shot and wanted to retain some of the drama. If the whole pic was in B&W then some of it was lost.. If it was all in colour the shot was just too busy. I stripped out more and more colour and once I was down to just blue, pink and grey I felt happy! The colours are a bit beefed up but the fence was actually a blue colour and the backdrop and outline for the dog (which was painted in B&W) was in fact pink.
    I struck lucky on the day and turned up just as coLor was finishing this one off – hence the paints beneath the dog which make for a nice bit of detail.
    Best wishes, PC 🙂

  2. Perfect! I don’t usually go for selective coloring as it looks shoddy to me most of the time (especially portraits) but this one is amazing. It might be because of the uniqueness of urban space – but colors you chose really fit with the BW picture. Moreover, it’s really a great shot.

    1. Thank you for taking time to leave such positive comments! I agree with you and think selective colour should always be used with a great deal of caution! I think this works because it’s only grey, pink and blue and the coloured parts to the image are very simple so the image doesn’t look too busy. Best wishes, PC

    1. Hi, Thank you for your generous comments. I think the sky adds a lot to the drama of the photograph. Had it been taken on a day with less cloud cover I think it would have had less impact. The time the shot was taken also led to the long shadows which happen to work well with the composition. Sometimes things just work. The original image had a big construction company sign on the boards to the left of the painting. It distracted from the painting and once I made the decision to edit it out the whole thing started to come together as a much stronger image. Sometimes it’s good to simply tweak an original image while in this case I think the amount of editing has enhanced the picture. It’s a fine line and one that is easy to cross! From the favourable comments I have received I think I’ve hit the right notes with this one. Your comments are always welcome. It’s good to know what works although I also like to hear why things work less well too! Thanks again for the support and encouragement. Best wishes, N 🙂

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