*** UPDATE APRIL 2014 ***
If you are looking for information about the release of News From Nowhere on CD due for release 7/4/2014 then CLICK HERE to visit the Lost Music Club where you will find all you need to know 😉

Below is the original post from Postcard Cafe from 2012….


BIG BIG NEWS – After 15 years the long lost debut album by Sheffield band Speedy will be made available for the first time!!!

Yes, you read it correctly.  The album News From Nowhere that was never released by the record company will be available on 15th December as a FREE download.  

I was lucky enough to see Speedy play live a few times.  The last time was at the Don Valley Bowl in Sheffield and I described them back then as being “glorious and triumphant” whatever that means?  Trust me, they were brilliant!  Like so many fans of Speedy I was disappointed when the album was shelved.  It’s been a long wait so to whet your appetite I’ve included the wonderful video of Time For You.  It’s a great song and fifteen years after its release still sounds fantastic.  Enjoy…

Click HERE to visit Britpop Revival who are making it possible – THANK YOU

More information on The Sheffield Blog HERE It is with thanks to them I got wind of the good news.

I will add the link for the download when it goes live on 15th December.

*** UPDATE ***  Click HERE to link to the album site

Thanks to Britpop Revival and of course a big thank you to Speedy!

Other Links:

Speedy information HERE

Previously called Blammo

More on Blammo HERE

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      1. Is the download link still live?

        Found this on a google search for the band and I hope I haven’t missed it!

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