Mammoth Book of Street Art
New publication ‘The Mammoth Book of Street art’ is an insider’s selection of the most outstanding graffiti and other street art from the UK and around the world.
Informed by his love of hip hop and graffiti, editor JAKe has compiled a fresh, diverse collection of street art drawn from Rio, Berlin, London, Philadelphia and other street art hotspots. The emphasis is on humour and the artworks venture beyond graffiti to ‘installations’ such as RONZO’s Credit Crunch Monster, cemented in the centre of London’s financial district. JAKe brings an insider’s awareness of context to this collection which comprises both photographs from his personal archives and a selection of the world’s best street art from the artists themselves.
This book is beautifully put together and offers a fantastic global perspective on contemporary street art.
Turn to page 158 to see the Teddy Boy painted by EMA in Sheffield and shot in the snow by your very own Postcard Cafe!  
Page 158 - Teddy Boy by EMA
Below is the original photograph which featured on this blog 2 years ago.
Teddy Boy (in the snow) painted by EMA.  Sheffield
People interested in works by Sheffield based artists may be interested to know that featured in the book are works by Phlegm and Kid Acne.  Other artists featured who have painted in Sheffield include Dscreet, Malarky and Sweet Toof.
The Mammoth Book Of Street Art is the only Xmas present you’ll need for all your friends and family and is a must have for anyone remotely interested in street art.  Nuff said…
Author: Jake, Publisher: Constable and Robinson, ISBN:9781780333892
Click HERE for more information about the book and where to buy.
More EMA on Postcard Cafe HERE

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  1. I so love my street art on walls but given the dangers, recording it in a beautiful book for posterity makes sense. Congrats on the inclusion 🙂

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