New Animal in Town. Phlegm Sheffield 2012

Phlegm. Sheffield December 2012


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7 thoughts on “New Animal in Town. Phlegm Sheffield 2012

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    1. I know that Phlegm has very high standards for his artwork and have seen his other characters and animals evolve over the years. I guess he’s just saying the new animal may well be refined a little bit as he gets to grip with her character. It’s nice also that unlike a lot of his Sheffield paintings this one is in a very public place and is easily viewed by passers by or those with a keen interest in his work. I’m looking forward to seeing his new book… 🙂 Best wishes and seasons greetings, PC

  1. Excellent photo, as are your other street art shots. I’m sure I have a few pictures of various Phlegm pieces around the place too, must have a look later on.

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