Nick Hunter – Wood Carver

Nick HunterWood carver Nick Hunter has a workshop in Sheffield, England.  Most of the day to day work he undertakes is traditional decorative carving on furniture and architecture as well as hand-cut lettering.  His work can be seen in some of our grandest stately homes including Chatsworth House and he is highly regarded in his field.

Nick is appearing on Postcard Cafe to celebrate the opening of his first ever online shop!  In the past he has made many beautiful carvings of his own creation and also taken on commissions as one-off pieces.  This is the first time he has offered the opportunity to buy small affordable carvings on-line.  wren_1

I have known Nick for over 10 years. Yesterday I visited his studio to see the bird carvings, available through his on-line shop.  As always I was bowled over by the beauty and quality of his work.  Nick invests a great deal of love and care in his carvings and it shines through in everything he makes.  The small birds are no exception.  Each is individually carved and painted by hand.  Variations in the carving and painting give every bird its own character and charm.  They are mounted on small plinths which have an authenticating “hallmark”.  Nick is happy to add personalised words to the plinth of your chosen bird.  Details are on his online shop (see below for links).wren_3

In Nicks own words – “Everything on sale is hand-made and hand-painted and each carving is cared about as if it was being done for someone I know. I don’t carve actual limited editions, but they are limited in the sense that I won’t churn them out, for my own sake, as well as yours.”


Nick knows how much I love what he does but he may be a bit embarrassed about the level of my enthusiasm.  As is my way though I just want people to enjoy his beautiful creations. Adding an entry on Postcard Cafe is one way to shout about his work.  The photographs of his birds are good – to see them up close is a real treat.

Nicks work has warmth and a beauty that can only be properly experienced when held and seen in person.  I’ll refrain from using too many superlatives. However, once you have seen these you will want one for yourself…  Yes, they are that good!

Visit and follow Nick at his WordPress blog HERE

Please click through to Nicks online shop HERE or click the image below300

Images used with permission.

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  1. Thanks for that intro to Nick’s stunning work. I’ve bookmarked his page already as I can certainly see the potential here for a present or two. His work for Chatsworth is monumental. What a talented man – it’s so good to be able to promote the work of artists like you have done.

    1. I’m pleased you like his work. It’s the first time Nick has put his work on sale through an online shop and it seemed like a good time to share his work through my blog. Nick rarely blows his own trumpet and he’d be the first to admit that sales is not one of his strong points. Do spread the word… Have a good weekend. Best wishes, N

      1. Instinctively I like the Nuthatch. I can fully understand your enthusiasm. So many artists are under-rated and hide their skills. It’s the same with Street Art as you and I now from our observations.

      2. The nuthatch is a very good choice. The colours are beautiful and it looks very good on the side of the plinth. I think it looks a more animated than the others. They all have character and qualities that make them unique and individual. It’s great that Nick has decided to make his work a little more accessible to people. He has never been one to shout about his own work and I respect how he just gets on with creating his beautiful creations.
        On the street art front I have just seen a work in progress by my favourite artist Phlegm. It’s in Shoreditch and is huge! I know you head to London occasionally and it may be worth stopping off to take some pics if you are in the neighbourhood… Here is where I saw the work in progress shots and rather him than me on top of that ladder!!! Best wishes, N

    1. I thought you might like his work. His work is special and it seems like it’s a rare thing these days to see something handmade with such care. I’m not sure how Phlegm undertakes such huge murals and maintains the level of detail. He is an inspiration.

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