Springwatch Sheffield Saturday 23.3.2013 – Update

Pine.  Sheffield 23.3.2013

Rope. Sheffield 23.3.2013

Electricity. Sheffield 23.3.2013

People. Sheffield 23.3.2013

Esc. Sheffield 23.3.2013

Fence & Drift. Sheffield 23.3.2013 Click HERE to view a set of photographs taken on the first day of Spring 2012

Click HERE to view “Blue Sky Thinking – The Ones That Got Away” shot the first week of Spring 2012



  1. Nice set – Spring is un-sprung. back to the heart of winter. My eye lights on the ‘OK’ in the centre of the iced-up penultimate image and the option ‘ESC’ bottom left. If only…….!

    1. Thanks for your comment. The image you mention was a door security pad which appeared to be broken and when I saved the file I named it “Esc”. I like that the OK and Esc are revealed and makes for interesting detail. I hope the snow isn’t too bad where you are. Best wishes, N

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