Her Legacy.

Community.  SheffieldOnce we were community.

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  1. Beautiful image, though I’m torn by the sentiment (though that’s probably because of my generation and the fact I’m a Southerner born and bred rather than any political allegiance). 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I think most governments – left or right are very good at dividing the nation. It is good that you can offer positive feedback about the image regardless of the sentiment and I appreciate that. Best wishes, N 🙂

  2. I love the image – it conveys a lot, especially in context. I have no opinion about the politics, except the world has lost an icon of that era, who for good or bad, I doubt there’ll be the likes of again.

    1. Thank you. I felt that it was fitting to mark the day with a photo that had political tones. I wanted to use few words and not mention her name in the title. After browsing my images this one popped up and seemed to fit. I wasn’t used an image that I hoped would convey something about how much this country and in particular the north has changed. Communities most affected by her government tended to be in the north including Sheffield. One of the most fierce battles during the coal mining strike was fought in Orgreave South Yorks and the scars from those years have yet to heal. As an icon of that era you are right. She and her advisers were totally media savvy and between them they crafted a political figurehead like we had never seen before. It is also well documented that the media was also being manipulated. The events at Orgreave for example were reported by the BBC that portrayed a sequence of events far from truthful and were designed to put public opinion against the miners. It would also be fair to say that since then all political parties have been influenced by what she did and she was successful in shifting the political middle ground to the right! Certainly a force to be reckoned with and someone who draws out a strength of feeling on both sides of the debate. It will be interesting over the coming days to see how the media and television portray her and the 80’s. Thank you for commenting. Best wishes, N.

  3. Nice way of handling an emotive topic. I can remember our printer’s van being hauled over once or twice during the strike while we trying to deliver stuff. It was a police state as far as I was concerned and fairly scary. Now we’re faced with the legacy and are importing 40% of our coal to keep things going, which makes no sense on any level.

    1. Thank you. My understanding was that much of the coal imported after the mines were closed was a lower grade “dirty” coal which was far more polluting! The legacy of the Thatcher era is indeed far reaching and I guess younger people are seeing and hearing about politics of that period for the first time. I’m sure we will see and hear much more about the Thatcher years after her funeral. It will be interesting to see how the media cover the politics and legacy of Mrs T after Wednesday.

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