Work In Progress – Phlegm. Millennium Gallery Sheffield 2013

1. Phlegm.  Millennium Gallery Sheffield  4/4/2013


2. Phlegm.  Millennium Gallery Sheffield  4/4/2013


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  1. Thank you. This is a stunning piece of work by the wonderful Phlegm. He had to paint the artwork twice! First he layered the paints in reverse to how he would normally paint on a wall finishing with a coat of white paint. Then painting on the white layer so that it can be viewed inside and out. In order to paint on the white layer he had lights set up inside so that the lines of the “first” painting were revealed for him to follow so that the painting looks the same inside and out. He is on the scaffolding in both shots under a black cape without which he would be unable to see the lines of the first painting. The whole painting has been done with spray paint. Because he was painting on glass he could afford to make no mistakes! Both photographs were taken on the same day and you can see how from inside the painting is complete while on the outside it is yet to be finished. It is the first time he has attempted anything like this and it looks great. I will return to take some finished shots and will publish in due course. Do check out his website through the link on the post above. He has just put up a video of him drawing the artwork for the design of the window. Phlegm does his drawings with ink and a dip pen! It is definitely worth 3 minutes of your time. Best wishes, N

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