Phlegm at The Millennium Gallery Sheffield 2013

Phlegm Millennium Gallery.  Sheffield 2013

Phlegm at Millennium Gallery from Museums Sheffield on Vimeo.

Phlegm Millennium Gallery.  Sheffield 2013

Visit Phlegm HERE

More Phlegm on Postcard Cafe HERE

Millennium Gallery HERE

Phlegm on LBoS HERE

UPDATE: Phlegms artwork vandalised – Click HERE



    1. He is really pleased to have been invited to paint at The Millennium Gallery and his work is to stay for two years! If you arrive by train in Sheffield there is a steep walk to the city centre and at the top of the rise is the Millennium Gallery and Phlegms painting. It looks stunning and I don’t think any artist could wish for a more prominent place to showcase their work. It’s interesting that the gallery has taken an interest in street art. Not many have. Two years ago they had an exhibition by Kid Acne whose work previously occupied the huge window that Phlegm has painted on. I understand that Phlegm was invited to do an exhibition but declined. The video clip of him drawing is brilliant. I knew that he worked with an old fashioned dip-pen but have never seen him work on paper. He is about to publish his first book of his drawings. Previously he has made comics/fanzines. He has hand printed all the covers for the book! He takes such care with everything he turns his hand to and his book will no doubt carry the same hallmarks of quality as his previous output. I have a couple of his screenprints and they are stunning. His last screen print sold out instantly the moment he put it online! He has a mailing list so if you are interested in being notified about his book then drop him a line at his email address on his site. I’m pleased you enjoyed the clip. Thanks for your comments and best wishes, N 🙂

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