2. Fossils Phlegm.  Sheffield April 2013

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Fossils – Phlegm. Sheffield April 2013

12 thoughts on “Fossils – Phlegm. Sheffield April 2013

  1. Hi Lynn, Thank you for your comment. I took quite a few photographs of this earlier today. I liked a lot of them. Phlegm generally paints in black and white and when I flipped this one to monochrome it just worked 😉 I understand that he only painted it a couple of days ago and it was nice to see it fresh before it starts to weather. Best wishes, N

  2. This looks great in monochrome with the reflection. I’ve just come back from taking some pictures of this piece myself although I wasn’t as agile as you and stayed on the road side! As you say, great to see it fresh before the elements take their toll.

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