Cool In The Pool. coLor x Nymph 2013


Cool Bee.

Cool Pool

Owl! That's Cool...

So Cool I Could Cry

Cool As Duck

Listen to Cool In The Pool by Holger Czukay HERE

Owl And The Pussycat HERE

coLor HERE

More from Nymph soon…




    1. Thanks for your comment. We are very lucky in Sheffield to have so many talented artists. Much of the artwork is hidden in places where most people will never see it. This piece painted by coLor and Nymph is in quite a remote location away from the city and I felt quite privileged to see it. Sharing the photos on my blog is a way of allowing a wider audience to access otherwise inaccessible works of art. Color has a phenominal work-rate and brings a lot of pleasure to people who find his art. He is a very talented artist He is incredibly inventive and brings his own flavour often with a lot of humour. I have hundreds of photographs of coLors work and publish only a small percentage. Nymph is very new on the street/urban art scene and it is great to see that she is working with coLor 🙂 Best wishes, N

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