Harry Brearley by Faunagraphic Sheffield May 2013

Harry Brearley by Faunagraphic.  Sheffield May 2013


Harry Brearley by Faunagrapic Sheffield May 2013

Harry who?  For more information about Harry Brearley click HERE .

100 Years of Stainless Steel Sheffield HERE

Harry Brearley and the Portland Works connection… HERE

Visit Faunagraphic  HERE

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    1. Hi Lynn, That was such a nice comment to read! Thank you. Of the two I think the top shot is my favourite. The second is quite an arty shot but I wanted to capture Harry reflected in some of his stainless steel! There was a press call last week while I was with Faunagraphic and there were lots of photographers all trying to get creative with her and her work. Also there was a chap called Richard Bolam doing time lapse of her painting the mural. He had about 8 cameras set up so it may make an interesting edit. No doubt 5 days will be condensed to about 3 minutes! I don’t think it is published yet. If I come across it I will send you a link. Have a good week, best wishes, N 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes this is a stunning mural. It is incredible that anyone can work so close to the wall with spray paints to create something that works so well. Faunagraphics partner Rocket01 last year painted Charles Darwin and David Attenborough murals in the city centre. If you haven’t seen them and have time to take a look I posted Darwin here: https://postcardcafe.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/charles-darwin-by-rocket01-sheffield-2012/ and I posted David Attenborough here: https://postcardcafe.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/david-attenborough-by-rocket01-sheffield-2012/
      I was really pleased with the shot of Darwin (with the family) which Rocket01 ended up putting on his website! In fact he used the David Attenborough shot as well and they both made a local magazine! We are so very lucky to have so many talented artists putting up there artwork for free across the city. Best wishes, N

      1. Thanks for the links Nigel. Just viewed them. Darwin’s beard must have taken a while! Brilliant work. You are incredibly lucky to have such a vibrant artistic group active near you.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I was very pleased with how this shot turned out and I have had lots of favourable and encouraging comments away from the blog. Sometimes stripping out the colour can look a bit gimmicky but I think I got away with it in this shot and it actually concentrates attention to the mural. The second shot is a bit more arty but has Harry reflected in stainless steel that he of course invented! Best wishes, N

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