Peregrine Falcons. We’ve Got Chicks…

This is an extraordinary entry on Postcard Cafe that simply links to a live webcam filming the very rare Peregrine Falcons in Sheffield City Centre.  It’s a wonderful site and now we’ve got chicks there is a lot more activity!  Click HERE to meet the family…  


More about Peregrine Falcons HERE and HERE




  1. This is great, both that the Peregrine Falcons have chicks, and the webcam. I’ll be checking in regularly… at the moment it’s a little dark and it looks like it’s rest time 🙂

    1. Yes the webcam and the peregrines are a big hit in Sheffield. I have the page open on my computer with the volume turned up so when the chicks make a lot of noise it is usually when they are being fed which is when there is most activity. If I’m working on something else I can click back onto the webcam to see whats happening. There are three chicks and look forever hungry but also healthy 🙂

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