Radical Working Mens Club. Attercliffe Sheffield 2013

1. Attercliffe Radical Club - Shadows.  Sheffield 2013“We lived down Attercliffe when I was growing up and I spent most Friday/Saturday nights and sometimes Sunday dinner times in the Attercliffe Radical Club or ‘The Rads’. What a great club with a brilliant atmosphere. Yes, all the regulars had their own seats (like most clubs) but there was never any trouble as I remember. Saw some great acts over the years as well, but being a kid back then, the main ones that stood out to me were The Disco’s. They were hilarious – even when you’d seen them time and time again! The club had some great characters as well :- Albert in the box (the chairman!), Cecil and Craig (drummer and organist) Stan and Doreen (Steward and his wife) plus obviously the regulars”.2. Attercliffe Radical Club - Graffiti.  Sheffield 2013“The Chairman in the Trilby Hat… Yes I remember him. He was Famous with the acts that used to work there.  We used to talk about him in the “Artists” around the country.  I think he was refered to as “All Capone”…I can still hear him now “…Order Please ,Can we have order PLEASE?..PLEASE ?PLEASE? …CAN WE HAVE ORDER IN THE ROOOOOM…and he used to ring a bell or buzzer.  Common stuff when a “crap act” was on…”3. Attercliffe Radical Club Bingo Card.  Sheffield 2013“I can remember playing bingo in the Rads with my then father in law when I came home on leave you only got one ticket and you played all the games on it so you had to have markers or torn up bits of beer mat to cover the numbers if any body walked past and wafted the bits of paper off your bingo card you had to try to remember what numbers had gone nightmare!!! ” John4. Attercliffe Radical Club Bolts.  Sheffield 2013“The old Radical Working Man’s Club or “Rads” as we called it, was the place to meet where every kid played outside – when the turns or bingo started – in their best clothes which often didn’t stay best for much longer”.5. Attercliffe Radical Club Undergrowth!  Sheffield 2013

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  1. i hope this reaches out to you folk my name is jonathan i was the “head glass collector between 1982-1986 it was an honour back then to earn £11 for 6 nights and saturday sunday dinner .it was with out a doubt the best time of my life .stan and do was stewardess and steward followed by eilenn and allan ludlow . i remembeer a lot of the old stall warts of the club in particular my aunty queenie whitlley married to mac on the committe it breaks my heart when i go past and see the state ot it now if i had the money i would revive it

    1. Hi Jon
      Thanks for taking time to leave a comment.
      The Radical Working Mens Club has a rich history and played an important role within the community. It is a shame that as times have changed the building has been left to ruin. When I visited it the inside was very exposed to the elements and my guess would be that it is past the point of restoration.
      It sounds like you have some great memories from your time there and I’m sure regulars to the club will remember you too. It is after all the people who shape the history and memories of such buildings…
      Best wishes
      Mr Cafe 🙂

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