Harry Brearley by Faunagraphic. Timelapse video by Richard Bolam

100 Years of Stainless Steel – Faunagraphic mural of Harry Brearley timelapse video – Full HD from Richard Bolam on Vimeo.

Harry Brearley by Faunagraphic.  Sheffield May 2013
Photograph by Postcard cafe

Click HERE to view Postcard Cafe images of the Harry Brearley mural.

Click HERE to visit Richard Bolam

Click HERE to visit Faunagraphic



  1. The video is a great accessory to the Harry Brearley mural – interesting to see how it was done and what was happening around 🙂

  2. Hi, I chatted with the chap who made the time lapse video. He had about 8 or 9 cameras set up which is why it is such an interesting edit. I love the humour of the scissor lift and the music sync! The mural is right next to Sheffield Hallam University hence the appearance of all the civil engineer types in fluorescent yellow jackets – which looks quite bizarre! I am in the video in a couple of shots for a nano-second! I have seen Fauna and her partner Rocket01 paint on quite a few occasions (as perhaps reflected in my blog). I am in awe of their skills. Best wishes, N 😉

  3. Loved the Video – really shows how talented these people are who design these very impressive murals. What’s so special about the video is the unusual viewpoints used – very well edited. Thanks very much for posting this.

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