Bring On The Noise.

1. Noise.  Sheffield City Centre.


2. Noise.  Sheffield City Centre.


3. Noise.  Sheffield City Centre.


4. Noise.  Sheffield City Centre.


5. Noise.  Sheffield City Centre.


6. Noise.  Sheffield City Centre.


7. Noise.  Sheffield City Centre.


8. Noise.  Sheffield City Centre.


9. Noise.  Sheffield City Centre.


10. Noise.  Sheffield City Centre.

12 thoughts on “Bring On The Noise.

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  1. ‘Proper Tea’! You have to love people with the wit to comment like this. Do they carry around a set of stickers and a felt pen on a permanent basis in case inspiration will strikes? It also makes me wonder what improper tea would be like…

    1. Part of the joy of exploring the city with a camera is finding mad stuff that many people miss. I’m not sure what improper tea would be like but it sounds more indulgent than a cream cake! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. What would we do without words to tell the world what we think, what they should think… That said, I love the signs, posters and graffiti which often conveys more than what those particular words are intended to mean 🙂

    1. The city centre can be noisy enough without all the visual noise that pollutes our public spaces. Most of these shots were taken on the same day and there appeared to be most religious groups represented by people shouting at passers by or setting up stands to sell their faith. I hope the images convey some of the noise that I sensed… Best wishes, N

  3. the cats are among the pidgeons again, expecially along fargate. great images, but they are only words to tell us what they want us to know, a one way street, one way conversation, there s no dialect, just shouting at you !
    but smelly balls hmmm!

    1. Thank you for your comment. When these photographs were taken it definitely felt like there was a lot of shouting going o! Much of it was visual as well as audible. I used a set of shots to try to capture a sense of noise. I’m not a fan of street photography where much of it is intrusive. I asked the man in the first shot if I could take his photograph and he was happy for me to do so. In the other shots I have attempted to preserve the anonymity of most of the subjects by keeping the shots reasonably tight. – But with so many people in shot it was difficult not to end up with a few faces showing. The smelly balls were actually fruit fragrance balloons and whoever made the sign had thought how to grab attention. Capturing the woman appearing to hold her nose as she passes the smelly balls was something of a fluke but adds to the shot (while also preserving her anonymity). You are right that much of the shouting, visual or otherwise is a one way street and even with the religious groups there was no real attempt to establish a dialogue. I’m not sure that shouting at people in the street has ever worked to shift peoples beliefs! 30 years ago I think there might also have been a whole lot more political shouting on the streets. To me this was an aspect that was sadly absent from the noise! The shot of graffiti was a nod to the absence of politics and protest on the streets. The loudest voices appear to be from people trying to sell us something – be it religion of fruit fragranced balls!!! Enjoy your bank holiday, best wishes, N

  4. Hey You!
    That was a nice comment you left on my blog 😉 You have a great thing going here yourself! I like the way you present your works being a sort of ‘collage ‘ to.
    But this post…is Brilliant!
    I just have to add some info for you to look at, for if you have time that is.
    It’s a book I found in a store, here in Amsterdam.
    If you look at things the way you do in this post, you are certainly gonna love this one.
    Here’s the link:

    Great post Nigel, And thanks for your kind words!
    Appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for your reply and the link to the book. It is definitely right up my street and I may even buy a copy if I can get one at a good price perhaps off ebay rather than Amazon!
      A few years ago I had one of the original signed prints of the books cover artwork! (sold by Pictures On Walls at Santas Ghetto which was organised by Banksy).
      I’ll drop you a few links through your contact page. Best wishes, 🙂

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