Phlegm Artwork Vandalised at The Millennium Gallery Sheffield

Damaged - Phlegm Artwork at Millennium Gallery Sheffield Phlegms huge window painting at the Millennium GalleryHEREhas been vandalised within weeks of its completion.  The damage occurred on the evening of Sunday 19th May 2013. This was the same weekend that Phlegms artwork was stolen in Sheffield city centre see earlier postHERE Quite possibly this was another attempt to steal Phlegms artwork from a public place.  Whoever did this failed to steal it but succeeded in damaging it.  Today three people in the city centre were overheard discussing how Phlegms artwork is “up for grabs“.   It is sad and alarming that anyone should wish to deprive the general public of artwork for their own personal gain.  It would appear that not everyone visiting his sites are there to appreciate his artwork!  Maybe those who frequent places where Phlegm has painted could be be more vigilant and keep an eye out for people wishing to destroy or steal his artworks (be safe and do not attempt to tackle anyone defacing or attempting to steal artworks).  It is also another good reason not to publish locations of his work on social media.  I do hope these incidents are not part of a trend.  Take good care out there and don’t assume that everyone you bump into is simply exploring!   


13 thoughts on “Phlegm Artwork Vandalised at The Millennium Gallery Sheffield

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  1. I would also suggest, a plea for anyone who is offered bootleg artwork to not buy it, if there is no market then less inclination for the stupid, greedy ones to attempt to steal it.

  2. Sadly this is the potential outcome of many online discussions as we discussed the last time we met. Obviously the Millennium galleries is in the public domain, but as regards his other work, I would hope that anyone who has asked me for a location, and not received the answer they were expecting, will perhaps now understand why, and that others that chat openly online about locations and access details please think twice.

  3. This is a depressing development as the actions of a tiny minority spoil the ongoing enjoyment of the majority and I couldn’t agree more with the previous comments and advice. I don’t know if the gallery has them but it would be good if the perpetrator(s) had been filmed by CCTV.

  4. I find it really sad that its come to this.
    I enjoy visiting Sheffield to photograph the street art
    I’ve never given out details of locations and never will..

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