The Old Sweet Shop – Sheffield

TOSS1 Pick N Mix 1The Old Sweet Shop Sheffield

The Old Sweet Shop has for over five years been one of the jewels in Sheffield’s cultural crown.  Located in Nether Edge it prides itself as a purveyor of fine independent local arts.  It is a little off the beaten track but if you seek treasure then you’ll be rewarded by a visit because treasure is what you’ll find!  The Sunday Times included The Old Sweet Shop in a recent article featuring the best that Sheffield has to offer.  The delights available to buy at The Old Sweet Shop reflect just what a vibrant arts scene we have in the city.  A warm welcome awaits you.

Just opened this week is the latest much talked about exhibition by Tom J Newell.  Also with the exhibition comes the release of the first issue of Pick ‘n’ Mix.  This is the first ever Old Sweet Shop publication and is beautifully presented in sweet shop pink!

Local artists regularly showing their work in The Old Sweet Shop include Phlegm, Kid Acne, Lord Bunn, Faunagraphic, Martin Bedford, Pete McKee, Emilie Taylor, Famous When Dead and Craww to name but a few.  You will also find various arts and crafts available, including; paintings, silk screen prints, illustrations, photography, glassware, ceramics, raku, knitwear, textiles, handbags, jewellery, books, zines, comics, furniture, t-shirts and cards etc.

TOSS3 Pick 'n' Mix Issue 1

TOSS4 The Old Sweet Shop Book Shelf

TOSS5 Phlegm Books in Glass Cabinet

TOSS6 Phlegm Books on BookshelfOne of the many artists that The Old Sweet Shop has supported for years is Sheffield based artist Phlegm.  Long before his artwork received global recognition The Old Sweet Shop stocked his comics and prints.  (He even produced a screen print for the shops anniversary!)  Small wonder then that with this long association he has chosen The Old Sweet Shop to be one of only three stockists world wide to sell his new A4 sized book.  The cover is hand printed and embossed by the artist and produced to his exacting high standards.  In short it is simply exquisite.  There are a lot of other words I could use to describe how wonderful this book is but I’m sure that once you buy a copy you’ll find your own…TOSS7 Phlegm Books and Front Cover

TOSS8 The Old Sweet Shop Flyer

TOSS9 Phlegm Books


The Old Sweet Shop is HERE (see image above for the phone number and address)

Tom J Newell is HERE

Phlegm is HERE



  1. Looks like a must-see place for a visit to Sheffield. The images are intriguing and thought provoking and that is totally in keeping with the artists involved. Well shot

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