Shadowplay Volume 3

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    1. It’s been very hot here with lots of bright sunshine which can limit certain types of photography so I thought I’d embrace the strong shadows. I had a lot of fun taking the shadow photos. I tried to make them look good as sets on the actual blog posts which meant rearranging the gallery a few time but hopefully they look inviting for visitors. Will I have the pleasure of seeing yours appear on your blog? Best wishes, N 🙂

      1. Possibly… a winter garden post. I just caught a few shots before I lost the afternoon light.
        I like the WordPress mosaic style gallery but how the images are laid out can make it subtly better or worse.

      2. I look forward to seeing your images. I tried the mosaic style gallery with the 90 degrees in the shade post and felt it worked well. When I tried it with my Shadowplay posts I found it didn’t lend itself so well to the images. Originally I was going to post a gallery of more shots but found 9 worked well as a set and I was able to jiggle them to look good as a set using the tile style gallery. Some of the problems arise when using landscape and portrait shots. Also in the wordpress reader the portrait shots never look so good so using a landscape image as a first image in the gallery became an influence on how the gallery was set. Best wishes, N 🙂

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