Can’t See The Wood For The Trees Volume 1

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5 thoughts on “Can’t See The Wood For The Trees Volume 1

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    1. Hi Lynn, Thanks so much for your generous comments. I had fun shooting the sets. I tried various gallery layouts and decided I liked the square tile display. I felt the tiles worked and looked best with just nine images in a set. I then spent time arranging the order of the images so that the nine images work as a group when viewed as a square! You can see how I decided to separate the types of images in volume 1 and 2. I found these little mini projects very rewarding and if I am feeling inspired I may publish a few more sets! Best wishes, N 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. I think nine tiles works well. With the Painting By Number posts the numbers determined which photo occupied each tile. With the other posts I kept moving the images into different positions until the nine tiles made sense as a group and perhaps have some relationship with one another. I guessing not everyone will notice the care I have taken with the arrangements of the tiles but I find it quite satisfying and I hope it makes a set of images a little more inviting. Thank you again for taking time to comment. Have a great week. Best wishes, 🙂

      1. I do the same thing on Instagram, try to theme them by color ! Love it!

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