Painting By Numbers. Volume 2

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Listen to: Return of The Los Palmas Seven  HERE  (It’s a song with a number in the title and has the power to bring a bit of sunshine into even the dullest of days! Enjoy…)



    1. Thanks for your comment. If you have been keeping an eye on my blog you will have noticed recently that I have been posting groups of 9 photographs. The idea of the painting by numbers posts simply came from the previous groups of nine photos. I thought it would be good to seek out some less obvious numbers that we see everyday and make a couple of sets. Best wishes, 🙂

      1. I had not..Just found you! ( but I will now : ) I also love the square tile mosaic !

    1. It’s nice to hear your favourites. I think the threes work well and may also be my favourites. In volume one I really like No5. I spotted the sign through a gateway into a private yard. Apparently when I walked into the yard I set off some sort of security device and I was politely asked to leave. Once the security man saw I was just taking photos he was very friendly and accepted my apology for triggering the security alert 😉 Perhaps thats why No5 stands out but it’s also nice to capture an image that takes a bit of effort and that few will have photographed. In volume two of the numbers I like No6. I hadn’t photographed any number 6 and then this wonderful piece of street art jumped out at me like a gift! Thanks for your comments. Have a great week, best wishes, 🙂

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